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The Waabeh Platform allows you to access your content and data in your own applications. Use our OAuth 2.0 endpoints to connect users to Waabeh and send secure, authorized requests to the API. To start taking advantage of these APIs you'll need to:

  1. Create an Application and get the client_id and client_secret assigned to it.
  2. Obtain an access token that grants access to these APIs. Learn more about the authentication process.
  3. Send requests with the access token passed in via HTTP headers.

We've prepared guides to cover each and every step as comprehensively as possible. See below. In case there's anything that's not clear, don't hesitate to contact us.

API Access
Authentication Endpoints Overview of the 3 endpoints that are used to handle authentication.
Getting Access Tokens How to get the access token used to access protected resources.
Refreshing Access Tokens How to refresh the access token if invalid or expired.
Revoking Tokens How to invalidate the access token.
Charts & Featured
Featured Content Get list of content that we (Waabeh) want to highlight.
Top Favourited (Gotad) Get list of content ranked by Favourites (Gotas).
Top Selling Get list of content ranked by number of sales.
What's Hot Get list of content that's regarded as 'Hot' by the Users.
What's New Get list of content that's just been released by Creators.
AudioTracks Get the AudioTrack profile. Also learn how to get the download and playback URL.
Collections Get the Collection profile and list the AudioTracks in a Collection.
Creators Get the Creator profile and list the Collections that belong to that Creator.
Favourites (Gotas) How to favourite (gota) and un-favourite (un-gota) an AudioTrack.
Features (Promotions) Get list of promotions on Waabeh.
Follows How to follow and un-follow a Creator.
Purchases How to purchase a single AudioTrack or multiple AudioTracks (that are in a Collection).
Searches How to search for various resources on Waabeh.
Users How to create a new User and get the profile of the currently authenticated User.

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