For Content Creators

A lot of our musicians and labels find Waabeh awesome because we make it easy to manage the distribution and the monetisation of content digitally.


Clear Ownership

We don't own any of the content, at all.


Our deals are largely non-exclusive (unless for new releases, which would be part of a larger marketing plan).

Digital Distribution

The content creators (artist, label or publisher) is in control of how their music is distributed i.e. preview only, streaming only, allowed downloads, free etc. ... across our mobile apps or web.

Online Purchases

For premium content Waabeh keeps 30% and the content creator (artist, publisher or label) keeps 70%.

User Purchases

Users are able to purchase music by Mobile Money (MPesa, Airtel Money, Orange Cash or Yu Money) as well as directly from their Equity or Co-op bank accounts, in addition to all major credit cards. Any audio track (song or podcast) is 40 Units (equivalent to KES 40).

Content Management

Creator, artist, label or publisher can upload music directly into their Waabeh account.

Easy Integration

Ability to embed your content on Waabeh onto any website or blog as well as track plays and listens.

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