What Is Waabeh?

Waabeh is Africa's audio market fully stocked with the freshest sounds coming out of Africa. We are making the world a better place by solving the discovery and distribution problem for independent creators and consumers of audio content (music, audio-books and podcasts) from Africa one beat at time.

We've garnered a growing listener base of more than 700K+ plays/streams, 27K+ free and premium downloads, 25K+ app installs, 3K+ audio tracks, 7K+ registered users and 1K+ African creators (artists, labels and publishers). All this in a very short time just by word of mouth!

Pronounced as Wah-Bay, Waabeh (adjective) is street slang originating from Nairobi, from the the late 80's to early 90's that loosely translates to "awesome" or "cool".

Supported Platforms


We recommend using these browsers with Waabeh:

Opera Mini & Opera Mobile are not recommended as they don't provide some of the functionality required for a good experience on Waabeh.

Mobile Apps

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